UK Farm Work Visa Sponsorship Jobs

UK Farm Work Visa Sponsorship Jobs

UK Farm Work Visa Sponsorship Jobs – Are you considering moving to the UK but need a job to sustain you so you can work and live there? UK Farm Work Visa Sponsorship Jobs is a fantastic opportunity to start your career journey.

The UK is known to be one of the countries with the visa processes easy. Nothing comes easy, but to some extent, their visa process is easy, and it is one of the countries that are not so far. The UK aims to add more than 3 million jobs to its economy.

UK Farm Work Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Uk is currently facing a labor shortage, which is why 46,000 UK companies are offering visa-sponsored jobs. These job positions are approved by the UK government, which makes it easy for them to sponsor the applicants legally.

UK farm work in is one of the best jobs in the UK because the agricultural sector is one of the growing sectors, and there is a need for graduates who can work in this field. Most of these UK Farm Work Visa Sponsorship Jobs are primarily found in England, both in the UK’s public and private sectors of the UK.

UK Farm Worker in the UK earns an average salary of £32,500 on average and £12.19 per hour. You don’t need any advanced degrees for this. You require a foundational education.

And if you’re prepared, you can apply for jobs that include farming and other similar activities, such as gathering fruit, vegetables, or flowers.

To be eligible to apply for a UK Farm Work Visa Sponsorship Jobs, you must be at least 18 years old. Below is a list of UK Farm Working Visa Sponsorship Jobs in 2023.

UK Farm Work Visa Sponsorship Jobs Details

  • Country: United Kingdom (check out job sponsorship in Japan, Canada, Australia, and the USA)
  • Industry: Agricultural sector
  • Employment type: Farm workers Job
  • Required experience: No experience is Required
  • Required knowledge: not high knowledge is required
  • Minimum Age: Not Less Than 18
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes, it is a visa-sponsored job
  • Relocation: yes
  • Accommodations: provided
  • Salary: an average of £32,500 per year and an average hourly rate of £12.19.

UK Farm Work Visa Sponsorship Jobs Process

  • Your sponsor will provide your certificate of sponsorship reference number.
  • Your certificate of sponsorship reference number, which you can only use once, must be added to your visa application form.

Perks from the Package

  • Provided accommodation (around £30 per week)
  • Sponsorship of a visa
  • Flight Contributions

Working Hours

  • A 48-hour workweek
  • To work overtime is available
  • There is a shift pattern that varies

Each year, the UK agriculture industry depends on 70,000 migrant workers as there is a labor shortage in the agricultural sector. The UK agriculture sector will have 216,000 farm holdings in 2021. As of 2022, it was predicted that there would be 92,100 farmers working in the UK.

In the UK, agriculture occupies 71% of the land area and employs 1% of the labor (467,000 people)

Who is eligible to apply for UK Farm Work Visa Sponsorship Jobs?

To apply for UK Farm Work Visa Sponsorship Jobs, you must possess the documentation and a letter of offer from the UK. Any national applicant with these qualifications can apply for Farm Work Jobs.

 Farmworkers Responsibilities

The type of farm you work in would determine, and the time of year will affect your daily responsibilities.

You might:

  • Be involved in Picking and packing fruits
  • selecting fruits and vegetables
  • Feed and care for agricultural animals and administer treatments to them and crops to stop disease
  • operate and maintain dairy farm equipment, such as tractors and milking equipment
  • upkeep of farm structures
  • Trim the hedges, clean the ditches and drains, and fix the fences and walls.

UK Government Farming Jobs

Here are the steps for using the UK government’s official website to find and apply for a job sponsoring a farm working visa. These UK Farm Work Visa Sponsorship Jobs are available to foreigners.

  •  Go to on the UK government website.
  •  A search bar will appear. Enter after writing “Farm”, “Farming”, or “Agriculture”.
  •  All UK Sponsorship Jobs from Approved UK Companies will be listed. Additionally, you can apply right there online.

Agriculture Jobs in the UK – Tasty Careers

Depending on the type of farm you work on and the season, the specific work you’ll be doing will vary, but a variety of duties, including:

  • Using a range of tools, such as tractors and combine harvesters, to plant, care for, and harvest crops
  • Raising and caring for livestock involves providing food, cleaning up after the animals, attending to ill or young animals, and using milking equipment for dairy operations.
  • Getting animals ready for transport
  • Upkeep of woodland and hedging
  • Maintaining machinery and vehicles.
  • Building upkeep and repairs
  • Distributing fertilizer
  • Erecting and keeping up fences

Benefits of UK Farm Working Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Accommodations could be offered to you for free or at a meager cost.

For more details: click here.

Apprentice Farmworker

An apprentice farm worker earns a Pay of £7,503.60 per year. It is located at BERWICK UPON TWEED.

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General Farm Worker – Livestock Apprenticeship

General Farm Worker earns a Pay of £10,004.80 per year. It is located at SKIPTON GARGRAVE ROAD.

AB Agri – UK Farm Work Visa Sponsorship Jobs

AB Agri is a UK-approved sponsor. At AB Agri, they produce animal feed, develop technology- and nutrition-based products, and provide our clients with data services for the agri-food sector.

To Apply, Click Here.

UK Agriculture Companies Visa Sponsorship Jobs

These UK farming and agriculture businesses are authorized to hire candidates from abroad. More than 46,000 Companies may sponsor candidates.

To apply:

  • Go to
  • The link above will open a list of approved companies in the UK.
  • Hit (ctrl+f). And type “Farm or agricultural” in the search bar. All UK farm businesses that are supporting candidates from abroad will be included. You can apply for Farming Jobs on Google by pasting the firm name.

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