Free Visa Sponsorship Jobs In Denmark – Apply Now

Free Visa Sponsorship Jobs In Denmark

Free Visa Sponsorship Jobs In Denmark – Are you willing to work in Denmark? Denmark is a beautiful and peaceful European country, and it is looking for diligent foreign job-seekers who are willing to do the available Jobs in the country.

Free Visa Sponsorship Jobs In Denmark

The Government of Denmark on its official website said the country has a shortage of workers and is willing to employ workers from all around the world. Therefore, job-seekers can apply for the Denmark Visa Sponsorship Jobs. Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (AIRI) adds 45 Job titles. About 91 foreign job-seekers from different countries can apply for these available Jobs.

There are also well-paid jobs available for well-educated people. Danish companies are ready to employ International applicants who meet the requirements. In this blog post, we have compiled a number of Jobs that are highly demanded including the links which you can use to access these Jobs.

Sectors That Need Workers In Denmark

No doubt, Denmark is currently facing a shortage of skills in its labor market. Therefore, there are many sectors that need workers to take the available Jobs. These workers can be skilled and unskilled qualified applicants from around the world.

Find below some of the sectors:

• Information and communications technology
• Engineering
• Life Science
• Construction
• Medical and Healthcare Services
• Business and Finance
• Service and Hospitality
• Transport and Logistics
• Industry

Jobs for Unskilled Workers in Denmark

Managers In The Social Field:
° Daily Manager

Natural Science and Engineering:

° Mechanical Engineering
° Production Engineer
° Graduate Engineer
° Architectural Technology and Construction Manager
° Civil Engineer
° Environmental Engineer
° Architect
° Town Planner
° GIS Employee
° Energy Engineer


° Midwife
° Medical Doctor
° Occupational Therapist
° Nurse
° Dentist

Teaching and Educational Work:
° An Associate Professor at a university college

° A Business Academy
° Assistant Professor at a university college subject teacher at a Vocational Upper secondary education
° Business College teacher
° Primary school teacher
° VUC teacher
° Independent school teacher
° Child care worker
° Music teacher
° Social Education worker

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Economics, sales, and administration:

° Accounting controller
° Auditor
° HR consultant

Information and communication technology:

° IT quality employee
° IT consultant
° UX designer
° IT project leader
° Web developer
° Programmer and system developer
° Webmaster

Social science, Law, and culture:
° Legal officer
° Economist
° Curator
° Psychologist
° Priest
° Social worker
° Organist

Technicians and Assistants In Healthcare:
° Dental hygienist
° Radiographer

Sectors That Seriously Need Workers In Denmark

Science and Engineering Associate Professionals:
° Laboratory Technician
° Plumbing Technician
° Plumber
° construction manager

Business and Administration Associate Professionals:
° Merchandiser
° Shipping agent
° Buyer
° Appraiser
° Caseworker
° Logistic Assistant
° Real estate agent
° Legal secretary
° Caseworker
° Medical secretary

Legal, social, cultural, and related associate professionals:
° Family counselor
° Parish clerk
° Head chef

General and secretary clerks:
° Senior clerk,
° Office Assistant

Numerical and material recording clerks:
° Bookkeeper
° Bookkeeping and accounting clerk
° Finance assistant
° Sales support assistant
° Insurance clerk
° Payroll bookkeeper

Office and customer service clerks:
° Human resources assistant

Personal services workers:
° Chef
° Hairdresser

Personal care workers:
Social and health care assistants

Market-oriented skilled agricultural and nursery workers:
° Landscape gardener

• Building and related trades workers:
° Bricklayer
° Carpenter
° Building painter and decorator

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Metal, machinery, and related trade workers:

° Sheet metal and construction blacksmith
° Bodywork metal worker
° Blacksmith
° Sheet metal worker
° Service technician
° Industrial technician
° CNC operator
° Mechanic
° Crane mechanic

Electrical and electronic trades workers:
° Electrician
° electro-technician

Food processing, woodworking, garment, and other craft and related trades workers:

  • Confectioner
  •  Cabinetmaker

Documents Required for Letters

  •  Applicant’s Curriculum Vitae
  •  Cover Letter
  • Applicant’s Offer Letter
  •  Successful aspirants will be contacted by the  companies for interviews

How to Search and Apply for Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Denmark?

Vacancies are published in “Work in Denmark”. If you are interested in any of the available Jobs, kindly visit the official website below:

Application Link:


You are not being a skilled worker does not stop you from getting your preferred job in Denmark. The sectors in Denmark are seriously in need of both skilled and unskilled workers from outside and within the country.

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