Free Visa Sponsorship For US Employment – How to Apply US Work Visa Free

Free Visa Sponsorship For US Employment

Free Visa Sponsorship For US Employment –  Learn more about the details on how to apply for US Employment free visa so that you can know the exact things to do regarding the Free Visa Application directly to the Embassy or consulate. When you apply for this visa sponsorship organized by the US, you will easily get your work visa. We will discover how it’s done.

Free Visa Sponsorship For US Employment

Foreign employees travel to the US with both immigrant visas and non-immigrant visas but they have their differences. When you are holding a non-immigrant visa, your extensions and work duration become limited. In the case of an immigrant holder, the whole demand changes. They can stay up to 10 years and can apply for US green card, unlike non-immigrants.

However, let us throw a stone back to the basic idea. The US is doubtlessly the country with the world power now. It is the heart of every developer and high soaring citizen. Most foreigners prefer working in the USA when it comes to white-collar jobs. Laboring jobs are also beneficial but not prevailing as every other job category in the US.

Interestingly, you are looking for how to get US to work visa-free. This article is already created with a tested, proven, and experienced guideline. Do you need an employee to apply US work visa sponsorship program in order to get the visa for free? The answer to the idea is that, yes you need it and also need a labor certification where the employer states how important you are for the job.

Other Requirements

We have made mention of labor certification where the person that employed you or the employer states their incapability to find a suitable worker in the US. Alongside the labor certification, other documents are;

  • Immigrant or non-immigrant visa.
  • USA visa sponsorship letter.
  • Evidence of employment.

Get them ready. Your employer should help out with them so that your work visa application will win consideration by the time it is applied.

Non-immigrant Work Visa

The non-immigrant work visa retains a year validity apart from H-1B is valid for three years. The holders are not qualified for US citizenship. Due to the limited residence in the US, they are given limited extensions. Immediately the visa expires, you either go back to apply for another one or stay put in your home country.

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Immigrant Work Visa

With the immigrant work visa, you can stay up to 10 years in the US. Once you stay up to 5 years or three years for someone married to a US citizen, apply for a green card to become us, citizen. In other words, holders of immigrant work visas are valid for a green card after working and living for a given duration.

Therefore, make a choice from both and apply for a work visa USA after allowing this page to walk you through how to get a US-to-work visa.

US Work Visa Costs

It might interest you to discover the cost of each USA work visa. The employer may not cover the whole cost but we want you to know that each visa costs a few hundred or thousand dollars.

  • The immigrant visa which is Form I-140 costs $460.
  • Non-immigrant visa which is Form I-129 costs $700.

Then Other Common fees are:

  • The employer pays over $4000 when foreigners he’s employing is more than 50% of its total amount while lesser employment of foreign job seekers attracts just $4000 only
  • For the fraud prevention and detection fee, you should pay $500.

These and more are entitled to the US employer.

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How to Apply US Work Visa Free

After obtaining the Labor certification and providing all the Itineraries, supplementary documents, and contracts that made you qualified for the US work visa sponsorship program, visit this page to fill out the immigrant form here >>

Prior to that, fill out the I-129 form for non-immigrants, workers that will observe limited duration in the US if you are in the category or have watched the cost. Check the form well before submission because a single mistake will delay your application.

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