Dubai Visa Tourist Online Application Procedures

Dubai Visa Tourist Online Application Procedures

Dubai Visa Tourist Online Application Procedures – Have you been looking for a way to go to Dubai? On this page, you will learn all you need to apply for a Dubai Visa tourist online without stress. See how to get an application that will be approved, discover all the requirements, your eligibility, details of the visa, and the best time to apply for a Dubai visa so as to get instant approval.

Dubai Visa Tourist

Due to the influence of Covid-19 in the world, Health Declaration is a prominent document that you must submit alongside your visa form in order to get a considerable look and response. You must undergo the Covid-19 check because that is the only way of controlling the spread of the disease from other countries. It is for all immigrants intending to move to Dubai.

However, it might interest you to know that a UAE tourist visa is for international aspirants that want to move to UAE as a tourist. It is a sure short-term stay. So, you are free to apply for a UAE tourist visa if your intent is to move to Dubai for tourism and fun within the given duration. More to that, there are other documents that must be positioned after the Health Declaration that regulates the spread of the pandemic.

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Eligible Documents

Visa is a legal permission and endorsement placed within a passport that initiates official permission to its holder to enter, leave, live, or stay in the country that owns the visa for the agreed period of time. You can apply for any visa, but this time we are going for the tourist visa. There are documents that must be attached to the form to validate your application.

  • UAE Health Declaration is positioned for regulating the world revolving around the disease.
  • Proof of flight ticket.
  • Emirates will demand your negative PCR test result issued within 72 hours prior to departure while other airlines can receive a maximum of 92 hours prior to departure.
  • Not forgetting that you must completely fill out the visa form.
  • Personal passport details scan.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Proof of airline confirmation.
  • Valid email address because that is where your visa will be sent.
  • Last page of your international passport.
  • Current digital passport photograph that met all the capture requirements.

It might interest you to know more about UAE tourist visas before applying for them.

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Dubai Tourist Visa ( 30 Days Permit )

Dubai Tourist visa is a 30 days duration and not extendable. You cannot swap it for another visa type in Dubai. Once your duration elapses you ought to be home. If the visa expires and you are still in Dubai, the government will take legal reaction and it may cost you not being qualified to move into UAE throughout your life. Is that what you want? So, adhere to the rules and regulations.

Meanwhile, each and every one of the people, including infants must have a UAE tourist visa permit before they travel. Upon arrival at Dubai international airport, prompt for a 30 days visitor total visa visit stamp on your passport when you go to their immigration.

In addition to that, you must have a passport valid for at least 6 months. Renew it if the validity is below 6 months before applying for the visa.

Prior to that, the United Arab Emirates tourist visa comes with 60 days validity after being issued and a single entry. So, you must enter UAE before the given time elapses unless you want to apply for a UAE tourist visa new after it expires.

Dubai Visa Tourist Online Application Procedures  | Apply for UAE Tourist Visa

The online application is very simple when you have provided all the requirements. Even if the issued visa expired, you must apply for a new one. If you are in UAE and it expired, you must travel back to your country to apply for a new one. Remember, it is not extendable because it is a tourist visa. If you want longer days, apply for longer ones.

Simply visit here to apply for a Dubai tourist visa online once you have all the application requirements ready.

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