Chefs Work Visa in the United Kingdom for Foreigners

Chefs Work Visa in the United Kingdom for Foreigners

Chefs Work Visa in the United Kingdom for Foreigners – Many employers in the UK seek to hire the right and ideal candidates from UAE and Dubai since they are trained enough to serve clients from diverse backgrounds. Interested applicants, who are looking for cook or chef jobs in the UK from Dubai, UAE can get in touch with a trusted immigration consultant in Dubai such as Key Global Immigration Services to successfully migrate to the United Kingdom.

Chefs Work Visa in the United Kingdom for Foreigners

The hospitality industry in the United Kingdom is a major contributor to the economy and employment sectors. The vast area of the hospitality industry, including hotels, catering businesses, cafeterias, food joints, clubs, leisure venues, coffee shops, holiday camps, nightclubs, food plazas, and courts, etc serve delicious food items to people and residents from different backgrounds.

The visitors would like to taste and experiment with various food items. Hence, the hospitality industry requires talented and skilled chefs, who can work efficiently in a wide range of platforms and establishments in the hospitality industry in the United Kingdom. Cook, and chef work permit in the UK is one of the surest routes to work and stay in the country as well as build a bright career in the hospitality industry.

Why Candidates Should Seek Chef Jobs in the UK?

The hospitality sector contributes a lot to the country’s economy by providing jobs to around 2.9 million people and generating £130bn in economic activity. This sector also pays £38bn as taxes to support national services.

Hospitality is the third largest private sector employer in the UK. It provides employment to more people compared to other sectors and domains like pharmaceuticals, automotive and aerospace, etc.

The hospitality industry primarily supports food and accommodation services.

It was reported in September 2020 that there were 2.38 million jobs in the hospitality sector in the UK, amounting to 6.9% of the total UK employment.

In 2019, the hospitality sector contributed £59.3 billion to the economy of the United Kingdom.

According to news reports, there were 223,045 hospitality businesses in the United Kingdom as of 1 January 2020. This consists of 3.7% of all UK businesses.


This shows that the hospitality business is the biggest job provider in the United Kingdom. Cook, chef jobs in the UK are rising in number due to expansion and increasing scope in the hospitality industry in the United Kingdom.

How to Get Chef Work Permit in the United Kingdom?

Interested applicants having experience of 8-10 years as a chef can apply for a Skilled Worker visa. This visa category allows applicants to do an eligible job with an approved employer. Interested applicants must have a valid job offer or a Certificate of Sponsorship from a Home Office Licensed Sponsor. The valid job offer or Certificate of Sponsorship must pay applicants the minimum salary threshold of £25,600 or more.

Applicants willing to secure skilled worker visas for chef jobs in the UK with work permits must fulfill the below-mentioned eligibility criteria –

➨ Education – Class 12 (minimum)
➨ A valid Certificate of Sponsorship from an employer holding a valid Sponsor License
➨ Language proficiency skills (IELTS – 5 bands in each module or section)
➨ Prior work experience of 8-10 years as a chef
➨ Security (Police) clearance certificate
➨ Enough funds

Applicants get points for education, certificate of sponsorship, skill training, work experience, and language proficiency categories in the point-based system of the skilled worker visa program.

To be able to get maximum points, candidates must have good academic records, score maximum points in IELTS, and have good work experience. It is important to note that the UK employer offering a valid job offer must be approved by the Home Office and the chef job must be on the list of eligible occupations. The visa category is also called Tier 2 General Skilled Worker visa.

Applicants must secure a valid job offer or Certificate of Sponsorship before submitting visa application. The application for chef, cook jobs in UK with work permit can be started right after issuing Certificate of Sponsorship.

In case of a change of employment, applicants must get a new Certificate of Sponsorship from a licensed employer in the United Kingdom. Applicants will be reassessed as per the point-based system.

What is the Duration Of a Chef Work Permit in the UK?

Applicants seeking jobs in the UK with work permits as chefs or cooks are allowed to stay in the country maximum of five years. If applicants are interested to extend the duration of their visa, they must apply to extend or update their skilled worker visa after its expiry or if there is a change in job or employer.

It is important to note that after five years, applicants are allowed to apply to settle permanently in the United Kingdom after fulfilling eligibility criteria. The permanent residency or ‘Indefinite Leave to Remain In The UK’ gives them the right to live, work and study in the country for as long as they like and also access certain benefits and facilities.

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How to Apply for Chef Jobs in the UK

Applications can be submitted online. It is important to note that applications should be filed correctly for various categories of applicants as mentioned below –

➡ Applicants who are outside the country like in UAE and Dubai, and willing to migrate to the UK
➡ Applicants already present in the UK and willing to extend their current visa
➡ Applicants who are already present in the UK and switching from one visa category to another.

It is important to note that if applicants are changing job or employer, they should apply to update visa. Applicants can also accompany spouse and children if they meet all eligibility criteria.

The UK skilled worker visa help applicants to work as a chef, bring their families to the United Kingdom, do voluntary work, right to travel abroad and return to the UK, and able to apply for ‘Indefinite Leave To Remain’ after living in the United Kingdom for five years as well as fulfilling other eligibility criteria. It can be later followed by British Naturalisation as a UK citizen.

However, applicants cannot apply for most financial benefits such as access to state pensions and certain public funds. Applicants should remember that they cannot change jobs or employers unless they apply to update their visas.

How Long Does it Take to Secure Chef Jobs in the UK With Work Permit?

Applicants can apply for a skilled worker visa at least three months before the day they are allowed to start work in the United Kingdom. The date of application will be mentioned in the certificate of sponsorship. The application must be supported by relevant documents such as proof of identity as well as other necessary information.

Applicants get a response on visa applications within three weeks if they are outside the UK and eight weeks if they are present in the UK. It is important to note that if the application and supporting documents are well in order, then applications are kept in fast-track mode.

What are the Applicable Charges for Chef Work Permits in the UK?

Applicants and their families, including spouses and children, need to pay the application fee, and healthcare surcharge for each year of their stay and submit proof of sufficient funds. The family members can accompany the primary applicant only after fulfilling all eligibility criteria.

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Why Seek Guidance from Key Global Immigration Services?

✔ Initial step – Assessment of application

Since every application is unique, the immigration consultant evaluates personal and professional details as well as the career goals of applicants. Based on the assessment of the application, the consultant facilitates guidance on the best-suited immigration pathway for individual applicants.

✔ Documentation

A detailed assessment helps applicants to make informed decisions. It also gives clarity on the documentation required in individual cases and secures work permits successfully.

✔ Submission of application and coordination

In order to keep visa application on fast track mode, required documentation as per the latest immigration rules and criteria will be taken care of by the consultant. If required, the consultant looks after coordination with the authorities.

✔ Proven track record

The consultant has expertise in chef jobs in the UK with a work permit. It also provides regular updates and trends about the UK work permit. Key Global Immigration Services facilitates the best guidance and services to applicants and help them to achieve their career goals and aspirations of migrating to the United Kingdom and having a bright future.

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