Career Opportunities in the United States For Foreigners

Career Opportunities in the United States For Foreigners

Career Opportunities in the United States For Foreigners – Discover the Career Opportunities available in the United States if you are a Foreigner. Are you interested in receiving the highest salary in the United States Job? Go through this post and select the best for you.

Career Opportunities in the United States For Foreigners

Are you considering immigrating to the United States of America?  Do you want to get to know these professionals and try to become any of them? Find out the best-paid job with the highest Salaries pay as a foreigner in the United States;

1. Chief Executives

The highest-paid job list is dominated by those who save lives in the hospital. Healthcare professionals, especially surgeons, with an average annual salary of $219,770, receive the highest pay in the United States. The list also includes anesthetists, orthodontists, obstetricians, internists, and doctors.

2. Managers

Besides our list, some CEOs get an average annual salary of $167,280. They are responsible for business success, and they are accountable for the strategies applied in various areas of the business.

3. Psychiatrists
Although they are doctors, they earn less than other health professionals who work inside the operating room. They specialize in treating patients with mental disorders and psychological problems. With an average annual income of $163,660, psychiatrists ranked third in our list of best-paid jobs.

4. Dentists
It is one of the professions that have the most training time. For eight years, a budding dentist must study and train hard before he can get his first salary. This could be one of the reasons they are on the list of well-paid jobs with an average annual salary of $156,850.

5. Lawyers
Before you can become a lawyer, you must study law for seven years. After that, you can choose your major and continue the practice. The lawyer could also be a judge, politician, or perhaps the next president of the United States. They earn an average of $129,020 a year.

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6. Director of Natural Sciences
In the field of research and development, the Director of Natural Sciences ranked sixth among the highest-paid jobs in the United States, comes with an average annual salary of $127,000, and test and monitor the activities of other scientists working in various fields.

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7. Engineering managers
These people are responsible for the various activities that occur in the business. They supervise the work of natural science officials and those responsible for information systems. Engineering managers earn about $122,810 annually.

8. Information Systems Managers
The IT department ranks in the top ten highest-income jobs in the United States. They are responsible for everything related to information technology and systems and their overall strategy. They receive an estimated amount of $120,640 annually.

9. Marketing managers
The salaries of those responsible for sales, advertising, and various marketing methods are paid very well at $120,070 annually.

10. Petroleum engineers

With an approximate annual income of $119,060, they managed to appear on our list of best-paid jobs. They manage to drill and provide technical advice on how to improve the oil sector. They are also the ones who develop business methods to develop their oil and gas production.

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