Australia to Permit Indians to Apply for Backpacker Visa

Australia to Permit Indians to Apply for Backpacker Visa

Australia to Permit Indians to Apply for Backpacker Visa – Australia and India have signed a Free Trade Agreement, which aims to bring many benefits to the citizens of both countries.

Australia to Permit Indians to Apply for Backpacker Visa

The agreement signed on April 2 also permits implementing work and holiday visa agreements for citizens of India within two years,

The working holiday program permits young international travelers to earn money while they visit the country.

The Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, has considered that the Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (AI ECTA) will also help the country’s economic sector.

“This agreement has been built on our strong security partnership and our joint efforts in the Quad, which has created the opportunity for our economic relationship to advance to a new level,” he said.


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Following the new agreement between both territories, the program will permit over 1,000 young Indians to holiday in Australia while working and earning money.

“This is expected to contribute to both workforce requirements and to boost tourism to support our post-COVID recovery,” the statement from the Prime Minister’s office reads.

According to Brisbane-based immigration lawyer Prathap Lakshmanan, Australia offers the following types of holiday programs: the Working Holiday visa, or subclass 417, and the Work and Holiday visa, or subclass 462, as reported by SBS.

“They have many similarities, but some major differences too. The Work and Holiday visa requires specific education qualifications and a certain level of English language proficiency as well, while the Working Holiday visa doesn’t require them,” he pointed out in this regard.

Lakshmanan stressed that the current announcement for citizens of India is for work and holiday visa subclass 462.

According to him, citizens from 19 countries, the majority of them from European countries, are eligible to benefit from the Working Holiday visas.

At the same time, the Work and Holiday visa can benefit citizens of 26 countries, including those from the US, China, Indonesia, and Singapore.

“The Work and Holiday program, which will be available for Indians, has an age limit of 18 to 30 years when you apply,” Lakshmanan has stressed.

He emphasized the fact that a Working Holiday visa is dedicated to people up to 35 years from specific countries.

The Minister for Trade, Tourism, and Investment of Australia, Dan Tehan, has stressed that holders of backpacker visas can also get engaged in different fields in Australia.

According to him, they can work in cafes, restaurants, and farms. He said that holders of such visas could work on some of “our resort islands with their backpacker visa.

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