Apply For USA Student Visa To Work and Study Abroad | How to Apply for a USA Student Visa

Apply For USA Student Visa To Work and Study Abroad

Apply For USA Student Visa To Work and Study Abroad – Do you wish to travel to the USA for a study purpose? Or Are you looking for a USA student visa? This page is a guide to help you make a choice among the options of the application.

Apply For USA Student Visa To Work and Study Abroad

As a student, you will need a non-immigrant visa such as the F1, J1, or M1 visa. These three types of visas are designed for students of foreign citizenship.

USA Student Visa To Work and Study Abroad

There are two major ways to travel to the USA – Immigrant and nonimmigrant visas. The nonimmigrant visa is designed for people who will travel to the USA for a temporary stay while the Immigrant visa is for permanent residency.

However, there are differences that exist between the three types of USA student visas. The F1 and J1 visas are for students wishing to continue their high school, university, or any professional course. However, the major difference between the F1 and J1 visas is that the j type of visa requires a sponsorship while the F visa requires the student to take full responsibility for sponsoring the travel.

Notwithstanding, the M1 visa is different because it is designed for students that are traveling to learn a skill or vocation in the USA.

In any case, I will help you walk through the process of application. Read the texts below and choose the type of visa that suits your academic pursuit by following the links.

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Who is Eligible for a USA student visa

  • For you to qualify for this type of visa, you must be an international student from a country outside the USA
  • You must obtain a Form I-20 from a USA-accredited school as evidence of admission.
  • A proof of a strong tie to your home country, showing that you will return to your country after your studies.
  • Evidence of financial capability to take care of your studies in the USA unless on sponsorship or scholarship.

How to Apply for a USA Student Visa

The application process for a student visa is simple and straightforward. However, different country embassies may have a variant to the way to grant the USA. So, provide any additional documents that may be required by your country’s embassy. However, these are the general steps of getting a USA student visa.

1. Apply for Admission to a USA accredited School

Basically, a school in the USA has to offer you admission for you to start your student visa application. If you have not gotten access, try to apply for available schools in the SEVP database or try to check for available scholarships to cut down your cost of studying in the USA.

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2. Fill the Form DS-160 online

The next and most crucial step is to provide your personal details, the school inviting you over, your program of study, and other necessary information that is available in the DS-160 form.

You will also be required to scan and upload a current photograph after filling out the form. The slip is printed and filed properly to be taken to the embassy during an interview.

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3. Pay the visa application fee

The USA application fee is a non-refundable $160, the term non-refundable simply means that you cannot get your money back even if you are denied. It is also important to check in your country’s embassy to confirm the legitimate fee for visa application.

Also, you may be required to pay a visa issuance fee when the visa is approved. However, this is only applicable to some nationalities.

Also, be ready to convince the consulate or embassy officer that you will be ready to go back to your country after your study. Secondly, state clearly your reasons for choosing the USA as a choice for studying. Finally, prove that you can take care of yourself when you are permitted to travel and not constitute a nuisance.

You can try the link above to start a visa application Today with this page’s instructions and guides.

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